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Men'shova Svetlana Borisovna, candidate of technical science, senior lecturer, Kuznetsk Institute of information Technology and Management (branch of Penza State University) (442543, 57a, Mayakovsky street, Kuznetsk, Russia),

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Background. According to the Act of the Russian Federation "About the state regulation in the field of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of technical means", requirements for the level of electromagnetic radiation of available electronic and electrical appliances become tougher. Tests for compliance with the requirements are carried out in the anechoic chambers whose walls are coated with radio-absorbing materials (RAM) and radio-absorbing coatings (RAC) necessary for the protection of the personnel and measuring devices against the re-reflected electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Matherials and methods
. This work deals with the analytical survey of the designation of contemporary RAM and RAC, theoretical principles of RAM electromagnetic losses.
. There have been identified the major tendencies of increasing absorption of electromagnetic energy: 1. At the expense of increasing the imaginary part of dielectric permeability ". 2. At the expense of increasing the imaginary part of magnetic permeability ". 3. Due to coordination of wave resistances of a coating material with the propagation medium of electromagnetic waves. 4. Due to the interference of reflections from the different coating layers, leading to reduction in reflection from the material (multi-layer coatings and coatings with a specialpurpose form). 5. Due to the interference minimum of the waves reflected from the surfaces of ferrite RAC and the metal shield on which coating plates are pasted. There have been set forth theoretical principles, as well as prospects of producing radio-absorbing materials and coatings.
. It is necessary to develop scientific bases for creation of broadband absorbers on the basis of ferrite materials, including powders on the basis of polymeric binding, as well as carry out mathematical simulation of the accumulated experimental data for the purpose of controlling radio-absorbing properties of RAM.

Key words

electromagnetic screening, imaginary part of dielectric and magnetic permeability, coordination of wave resistance, interference minimum, resonance of domain boundaries, natural ferromagnetic resonance, ferrite radio-absorbing materials

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